Friday, May 14, 2010

Officially a senior. Woah.

So I'm officially a senior. Boo:(. That's too close to having to grow up and enter the real world for me:(. But I can handle it, I believe I can! So to close out the junior year, here is some of my work from this semester in the order I did them. The scans of them aren't spectacular, sorry.

First, a band poster assignment. I chose the Temper Trap because their music is be-a-utiful. 
Next, the Free Library Festival poster for my design methods class. 

Now, a book cover for "The Hobbit" for my book cover assignment for Illustration Methods class. The right side would be the front, and the left side the back, so it would fold around the book.

This is my CD cover for one of my favorite bands, Detektivbyran, for the CD cover assignment for design methods. The right side would be the front of the CD and the left side would be the back where the track list would go. 

This is a piece for figure utilization.

and another for figure utilization. The assignment was "african soldier boy".

The next two are for my target market assignment, I chose children's book illustration and I chose the story Hansel and Gretel. The first would be a spot illustration of the candy house and the second would either be a page in the book or the cover. I hate the boy in the second one. I wish I could do him over. Perhaps I will now that it's summer! 

Lastly, this assignment was to do whatever I want in figure utilization. I had been watching a lot of Miazaki and Studio Gibly movies lately so I think that's what inspired this piece, hence the animals playing.

Looking at these I see a million things wrong, but whatevs. It's all family and friends looking at this stuff mostly. 

Steal these images without permission and I kick your butt!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My class.

I figured a good first "real" post would be a photo of my junior classmates. Well actually my friend Miguel suggested it. This picture was taken on a day when we had to start and finish an assignment all in one day. When we were all done, our teacher, Mark, gave us these sweet shirts. 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Nothing here yet!

This blog will mostly be summer artwork and then a way to keep my family updated while I'm in Europe. I will upload some of this semesters artwork once I finish my final pieces and get to a scanner. I need to think of a better name for this blog though. Any suggestions? I'd also like a better layout, but I may just make one. I don't know how though. Hm....