Wednesday, November 3, 2010

They ded.

first off, this is my second assignment for portfolio class. the assignment was "inventor and invention" so I did Theobald Boehm who  didn't invent the flute but perfected the modern flute and the modern fingering system. The flute is supposed to be a bone flute, but I didn't really push that enough. It's not really close enough in for me to really make it look boney. He is also surrounded by animals because flutes were originally made from animal bones. well anywho, here it is. it came out okay i think.

Next, my book cover for the Flannery O'Connor short story "A Good Man is Hard to Find". The type is hand done also, but I'm not happy with it. One day type and I will be friends, I just have to figure it out. 

Here is an in class assignment we had 20 minutes to complete.

And here is my halloween card for Bob Byrd's class! It folds up and the two outer monsters become one. I also drew the type myself on this one, but I actually like the type on this one. It ain't so bad!

Folded, it looks like this:
It doesn't meet up exactly, boo. But it was really hard to plan out. I'll know better for next time to even check during the painting stage and not just the drawing stage. 


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