Monday, February 7, 2011


Done. Finally. 4 months of torture and the Ely is finally done.

My Ely is my own adaptation of the Led Zeppelin song "friends" into a children's book. The story is basically this : from the viewpoint of the main creature in the story. The creature finds a boy on the side of the road crying, lost, and literally blue. The creature smiles at the boy and makes him feel better and more comfortable. He carries the boy through the forrest on his back with the light from his tail making the boy feel safer and less scared. All of the creatures in the forrest comfort the boy as they travel through the wood. As the boy feels happier and happier, he starts to gradually gain his natural color back. Eventually the creature leads him home to his own neighborhood where the boy runs into his mothers arms.

For the whole story to be told there would have to be a few more illustrations, but these are the 4 for my Ely.


Momma Bree said...

OMG! awesome, simply awesome. So very proud of you!

Brendan said...

Nice type!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see this in person!