Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Summer portraits

So I have been doing quite a bit of work (mostly sketching), but I couldn't get my scanner up and running because it's a weird Microtek brand scanner and I upgraded to Lion. But now everything is hooked up and I will be able to update more often. First, a piece I did a couple months ago.

And next is a sketch that I did in my sketchbook towards the beginning of the summer that I will probably turn into a sort of study/finish. It'll probably be like the one above. 

Also, I've been doing embroidery. It's really fun, but difficult and takes forever. I did a self portrait first because I'm totally lame and dorky and want to make portraits of me and my puppy to hang in my house. It's not finished yet, and I look a bit manly, but I like the flowers the best because they are the most fun to make. I will be doing a lot more. Apologies for the crappy lighting, I just took a quick photo. 

Oh yeahhhh. Wood paneling. My studio looks like Mr. Brady's studio. Sometimes I feel like I've stepped into a time machine when I come in here.

I will update again soon, I'm almost finished an invitation I did and I will be starting something for a client soon that should be lots of fun to do. 

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