Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 2!

I didn't write anything yesterday because I was pretty busy all day. Here's the basic break down of the day:

11:00am Carla woke us up. I think we could've slept alllll day if she hadn't. Then we got ready, ate a lovely breakfast set out by Carla, and decided to go paint in the rose garden at the top of the hill that the Peer house is on.

noon-about 3? Carla, Zach, and I painted and drew while Laura studied. Then Carla had to go record a radio show and the rest of us got kabops for lunch. yummmmm:). then after that i went back up to draw until about 8 and zach stayed up for about an hour until about 5 or 6.

after i came down, we decided to go get a cappuccino in town so Carla, Zach, and I went and had cappuccino and then after that some beer and played cards. Laura and her friend Max joined us later. then we came back to the house about midnight and played ping pong.

here is a crappy photobooth picture of my illustration so far

I forgot how slow i am because my pen drawing takes foreverrrrrrr. but im going up now to finish. I'll post the finish later on. Bye bye!


Momma Bree said...

beautiful!! can't wait to see more!! thanks for the phone call today! love you-be safe and have a paintastic time!

jenni said...

Yay... so glad you are keeping a journal for all of us to follow! Can't wait to see more of your work and be sure to post pictures toooooo =)

Be safe!