Sunday, July 4, 2010

Good Ol' Switzerland

So Zach and I are finally here in Switzerland! Yesterday was just a lot of packing and last minute things and then Alexi drove us to the airport. The night before the trip, we didn't sleep. We only slept two hours so that we could sleep on the plane because the flight was at 6:10pm and arrived in Switzerland at 2:30am our time but it was 8:30am here in Switzerland. We didn't really sleep on the plane, it was kind of awful. the flight was packed and we just couldn't get comfortable. Anyway, we're here now. So tired. When we got here Claudia, Laura, and Carla picked us up and we got breakfast on the way back to their house. Then we ate and decided we were tired so Laura, Carla, Zach and I took a nap for a couple hours. Then we woke up, got burgers, played some videogames and showered. I haven't done much artwork except I sketched the airport. I'm just toooo tired. But I have been thinking about all I want to do. Jet lag is blehahahahoeirhaosuehfsdfjhaoushdow. Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling better.

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