Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today I had sketches due for my illustration class. I did sketches of an opera poster for "the cunning little vixen". My teacher told me to do a Mucha like poster so I did a sketch of it. Here it is:

Yeah. Rejected. He said it was boring compared to my other stuff I've done in the past. He told me just to do thumbnails of whatever the heck I wanted and then he'll pick one and I have to do a new sketch and then the final is due next Tuesday. This sounds easy enough, but I have lots of other work for other classes. I should just get over it I guess because everyone else is in a similar boat. So now I'm doing a band poster for Yeasayer. I basically just did a doodle of a girl with two creatures wrapped around her and Ralph liked it. I will like it because I get to draw scales and creature faces. 

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