Thursday, April 7, 2011

Open house poster design and the wrath of mother nature

I'm just so active this week, aren't I? I hope this is good enough to hold you over because I'm going to be working on putting my portfolio together and getting my postcards ready and trying to move and blah blah. I should have a couple more pieces before the end of the semester though.

This first one was my design for the open house poster, minus the type. It's sockeye salmon jumping upstream! You know, because jumping from high school to college is difficult and sometimes it feels like your jumping upstream (especially in art college) rather than going with the flow.

This next one is sorta about the tsunami in Japan, but sort of not. More a comment on how nature (mother nature in this piece) can be both beautiful and destructive. Its a calm destruction on the bottom, but the houses are slightly disheveled. 

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